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Category Archives: HR Training & Development

Positive feedback….feedforward!

At times we can get a little too reactive about performance management, choosing to look at the past, what has gone wrong and how to fix it…steeped a bit in the mentality that the activities of the past are the only sure indicator of the future.
Marshall Goldsmith the author of MOJO and What Got You […]

Language Matters

Due to the naure of our business we have had the priviledge of sitting in on many strategic meetings, performance discussions, training sessions, conflict mediation sessions and retrenchmant consultations.
One of our biggest learnings is that the the success or failure of such meetings is hugely dependent on the language that is used. This may […]

Tips for effective performance discussions

Performance discussions are often totally avoided or are handled very badly. The reason being is that they can be the bearers of bad news and perceived as being highly confrontational. Many organisations struggle to follow through on their performance management systems because of this, leading to passivity, lack of accountability and poor performance standards. These […]


We often hear the comment:”where has all the time gone? I’ve got nothing done today!”

This appears to be a very real and common problem in the workplace. Some of the observations that have been made are:

• Employees struggle to prioritise the important tasks and then just tackle anything and everything that lands on their desks
• […]

Do you delegate key responsibilties to your staff?

Too often we observe that managers are over worked and stressed and when we dig deeper we see that they are struggling with the ‘art’ of delegating.
Delegation is often met with trepidation. There are many reasons why management don’t readily delegate:
• They are worried that the person won’t do the job as well as they […]

Tweet or twit?

As much as Facebook and Twitter have become part of our lives, amongst other social media, all good things have their downside. You may have received the emails that do the rounds giving examples of staff caught out claiming sick leave from the company, only for their management to find out what they’ve been up […]

“The Road Not Taken”

This week I came across a one liner in a book I am reading - “Remember, to know and not to do is really not to know” (Stephen Covey). This really stayed with me and struck me that we are living in a society where there are many training workshops we attend, books we read, […]

Your Problem-Solving Style

“Let’s form a committee to create a task force to develop a team to determine the fastest way to deal with the problem“
As long as there is work there will be problems, big and small. It is worth spending time to understand your problem-solving style. By taking this time out you will become more effective […]

Practice what you preach

If you work in an organistaion, you’ve heard this complaint repeatedly. Leaders and managers say they want change and continuous improvements but their actions do not match their words. Leaders and managers have the power to create an organisation’s values, environment, culture and actions. It is critical to start taking the power away from the […]

Performance Counseling…the final meeting

If you’ve followed the previous posts on this subject, you’ll realise the need for initial meetings, follow up sessions to determine progress or the lack of it, and now the final meeting - once again with all the parties present (i.e. the employee, employee representative, Head of Department and note-taker) - is to provide the […]