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Jane Notten
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Why do business owners get fired?..and how to avoid it


  • a ceiling on contribution: the skill sets or business acumen required now, simply aren’t evident in the founder. e.g. management of people or multiple functions, dealing with increasingly more complex customer needs, financial decisions, legal and operational requirements.
  • a lack of strategic vision and leadership to take the business to its full potential. The founder is too fixated on (or has grown too attached to) the original reasons for having the business and inhibits the scalability of the company by hankering after the status quo.
  • the areas of the business where the founder is passionate aren’t the same ones the other stakeholders believe will grow the business
  • the founder takes increasingly greater control, demands more systems, processes and restricted authorization on expenditure and decision-making, thus alienating all involved
  • Given the above, the other stakeholders rally to oust the founder


  • Evaluate why you started the business - what would make you keep it or leave it?
  • Measure the business against those reasons now…and if it grew one hundred-fold.
  • What personal development is required of you; and in what areas are you really prepared to grow? Make sure that your perceived contribution is always valued.
  • Work to your strengths, recognize your limitations, surround yourself with skilled advisors whom you respect and who aren’t scared to challenge your opinion.
  • Be open to constructive criticism.
  • If your business was formed with any other vested partners, get every agreement relating to the shareholding, and determination of share value, in writing…even more so when partners are trusted friends or family.
  • Ideally, own the controlling stake of the Company and have no need for outside investors!!!
  • Regularly re-visit the impact on your interests should any shareholder potentially terminate their shareholding, or other investors affect the shareholding.
  • Ensure that the corporate governance aspects safeguard you, the Company and all those involved.

In all dealings conduct yourself with integrity and respect. Should you ever need to withdraw from your own company, may it be that those who oust you desire to do so with grace, affording you similar grace!

About the Author:

Rob has dealt with Human Resource issues for over 20 years in a multitude of industries. Rob loves to hug. He also loves to kayak, so if you need to get away from it all, ask him to take you out to sea. Depending on how much he likes you will determine how far out to sea!