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Do you delegate key responsibilties to your staff?

Too often we observe that managers are over worked and stressed and when we dig deeper we see that they are struggling with the ‘art’ of delegating.

Delegation is often met with trepidation. There are many reasons why management don’t readily delegate:

• They are worried that the person won’t do the job as well as they could themselves
• The manager thinks that the person is not able or willing to do a good job. Perhaps there have been times when the person produced poor results - sloppy, late, incomplete, or just wrong. Perhaps the manager had to step in and take back the assignment.
• Managers may hesitate because they think that the other person lacks the required skills or because they think that the person lacks interest or motivation to do the job right
• Managers fear that by delegating, they are working themselves out of a job
• Sometimes managers simply don’t know HOW to delegate

Consider, though, that at least part of the problem may be the manner in which you, as a manager, are delegating. You may be having specific problems, for example:

• Projects are being completed past the deadline date
• Your instructions and advice may seem to be treated lightly, even ignored
• You are continually interrupted and requested to explain the process again
• Staff complain about lack of co-operation from others in completing the task
• Individuals decide to go off on a tangent, doing it their own way
• Projects are delayed until the last minute, forcing a rushed, unsatisfactory finish
• You have way too much on your plate

What are the benefits in delegating successfully?

• As a manager you need to get work accomplished through others. Delegating helps you get more done, and allows you to apply the strengths of your team members
• You will save time and deal with your core responsibilities. You will have time for new and interesting assignments
• Your overall work standards will improve
• You will not reach burnout stage, and instead are both pleasant to be around and a good motivator and mentor
• You are offering others an opportunity to learn, grow and be recognised for good work. You need skilled, effective staff that can get the job done
• You may be surprised by the positive way in which some staff take on the additional responsibility
• You and other staff are more likely to be promoted if you have groomed someone to take your place
• Things get done!

To master the ‘art’ of delegating you first have to acknowledge that there could be a problem. Ask your boss and colleagues whether there are any areas that they believe you can improve on. A Behavioural Assessment commonly known as the Personal Profile Analysis is a powerful tool used in identifying the delegating styles of managers in a business.

About the Author:

Diana has a Human Resources degree and Associate in Management qualification through the Graduate School of Business (UCT). Diana has developed training courses and workshops using DISC methodology. Diana is radically passionate about many things…especially colour, fabrics, perfumes, cosmetics, gardening, health, spicy food, sushi, the East, shopping…and books, lots of books.