Psychometric Assessments - More Detail -
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Psychometric Assessments – More Detail

The Personal Profile Analysis (”PPA”) is a behavioural assessment which focuses on four behavioural styles, incorporating the universal language of DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance), which provides incredible benefits in understanding your own style and the style of others. In his research William Marston expressed that “all people exhibit all four behavioural factors in varying degrees of intensity”.


The PPA is applied successfully in the following areas:


Particularly with South Africa’s current skills shortage it is imperative that the risk is reduced when sourcing the best candidate from any recruitment process. Read More

Conflict Management

Have you ever heard somebody say “If you were more like me we would not be in this situation?!” or “I am a manager not a mind reader!” Have you not wondered why you just hit it off with some colleagues and not others? Read More

Performance Management

Behavioural Competencies are increasingly becoming a more important component of Performance Management Systems. Read More

Team Building workshops

These workshops are designed to help delegates understand the impact that their behaviour and management style has on their colleagues and the business, using the PPA as an intervention tool. Read More


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