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Prior to any recruitment drive it is essential to draw up a very clear understanding of what the job entails by developing a Behavioural Job Profile. This is facilitated by an interviewing process and using existing Job Descriptions and Key Performance Areas. The Job Profile generates a pre-determined benchmark.The PPA will assist an employer in identifying the area in which a potential candidate will function at their optimum. They will be able to understand what the strengths, limitations, motivators and de-motivators are of a potential candidate. The way in which a candidate would respond to change, conflict, delegation, decision making, time management and communication are also covered.

By choosing the right candidate upfront, organisations save an incredible amount of time and costs, also preventing any unnecessary disruptions to work flow and staff morale.

The Job Profile and PPA can also be applied when processing internal promotions. So often top performers are promoted to a management position without assessing whether there is a behavioural fit…a typical case is where the top sales consultant is promoted to sales manager. All too often companies end up losing sales and gaining a poor manager all because that person inherently is not suited to the demands of management, and frankly, hates it!

Many organizations want potential staff to “fit in” with existing staff. It’s always easier to select candidates at the outset with related behavioural styles, than hope to modify these over the medium term.


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