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Psychometric Assessments – Team Building

Experience has shown that behavioural misunderstandings often lead to ineffective methods of delegation, communication, decision making and problem solving. The results often are:

Deadlines not being met

Poor work flow

Questionable quality control

Emotional strain and outbursts

Poor staff motivation and morale

Untimely, unnecessary frustrations and stress

Many corporates lose good staff and clients as a result of behavioural differences. All these factors affect whether the company strategy is achieved or not.

The universal language of “DISC” (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) shows how to interact with people in ways that allow them to feel comfortable with you, and you with them.

Learn to achieve results with other people by communicating with them on their level so they are at ease. Challenging relationships are a fact of life, embracing the DISC philosophy in a workshop context can show you how to:

Understand your own style, strengths and developmental areas, and how your behaviour communicates that style to others

Identify someone else’s style so you will know how to read people and treat them the way they would like to be treated

Adapt your behaviour to make all kinds of people more at ease with you, and you with them

The Team Building consists of three phases:

Administration of the Personal Profile Analysis

Administration of the Personal Profile Analysis

“DISCover More” modules


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