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About us

We have been providing Human Resource services to clients since 2003 and pride ourselves in giving both specialist and generalist expertise to medium and small businesses, mainly in the Western Cape.

In dealing with all aspects of Human Resources, from hiring to firing, and all the good stuff in between, the Company has developed an array of skills and experience to really assist managers in business. Many managers, especially MD’s and Financial Directors are expected to take on various roles, including managing people, and wish they could rely on solid advice to help with day to day as well as specific issues relating to their staff.

We look to fill that requirement by providing straight forward, succinct advice to “meet the need”. A philosophy of the Company is to help put in place sound foundations of good HR practice on which to build.

When the situation calls for it, we work in association with various remuneration, industrial relations, training and other professionals, to ensure that we help managers wishing to concentrate on running their businesses efficiently, with due regard to the employment and development of their staff.


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Who We Are


Rob has dealt with Human Resource issues for over 20 years. After completing a B.A. (Legal Studies) in Durban he spent time on the mines in Witbank before making the move everyone wishes they could make… to Cape Town! During his corporate career, he worked in the maritime, hospitality, publishing and sport industries, and during his consulting time, has also had the opportunity to assist in the engineering, finance, IT, fashion and retail industries.

I’ve realised that I really enjoy working with smaller businesses, no committees, smorums, quorums and “round the mulberry bush” decision-making and politicking. When dealing with owner managed businesses, chances are that they will hear you out, challenge you, think things over, and then implement quickly. No presentations, thick dossiers of paperwork…just sincere application. I really enjoy that.

Be warned…Rob loves to hug! He also loves to kayak, so if you need to get away from it all, ask him to take you out to sea. Depending on how much he likes you will determine how far out to sea!!


Diana has a Human Resources degree and Associate in Management qualification through the Graduate School of Business (UCT). For the last 8 years she has spent time consulting to many corporate businesses in the Western Cape on the advantage of supplementing their decisions with psychometric assessments. She has developed training courses and workshops using DISC methodology.

Since I was young, I’ve been fascinated by psychology and really get a kick out of seeing people grow, through self awareness, or by learning how they impact others. It’s important to me to sincerely help people. Personality clashes usually mean that they simply don’t understand one another. It’s great when things click, people invariably perform when they enjoy what they do, and psychometrics helps make the match.

Diana is radically passionate about many things…especially colour, fabrics, perfumes, cosmetics, gardening, health, spicy food, sushi, the East, shopping…and books, lots of books.

Call us +27(0)834 539 833 or Email us info@hradvice.co.za to discuss how we can help you