Enhance Your Business with Our Expert HR Audit Service


Are you considering buying a business, but wonder what underlying HR time bomb may be ticking in it?

….or are you wondering what’s ticking in your own business!!

We’ll give you an assessment of the current HR position of the Company and help to determine where your company is at risk, if at all. The key elements in a growing business are managed with good information. This audit will provide a review, the action steps required to go forward, thus allowing management to be more proactive in dealing with staff issues.

We’ll review the legal status of persons linked to the business, assess risks to the Company through non-alignment with the various labour laws, review employment documentation, as well as the terms and conditions of employment. Policy, procedure, precedents, disparities and resultant risks and shortfalls will be evaluated. Remuneration and benefit practices will be analysed, staff record management will be audited, and recruitment and selection processes reviewed.

At the end of the process, we’ll provide a concise report with findings and recommendations on how to rectify risks.

Fees for this intervention are based on a flat rate inclusive of all visitations, reviews and travel, and will be given in writing after the first meeting to assess your requirements. The rate is dependant on anticipated hours of work involved and accessibility to information required.