There’s always that part of management that managers don’t enjoy…usually the disciplining of staff.


Discipline is meant to lead to corrected behaviour and ideally an improved situation where the understanding between employee and employer are clear. Unfortunately, there are times when employment contracts need to end, for some or other reason. Managers can’t abdicate their responsibility in any event, but we can help guide managers through these awkward incidents.

Part of our role in assisting our clients is to guide them on compliance with current labour legislation; provide them with workable disciplinary codes and procedures; highlight when they may be following incorrect courses of action and more importantly, try to resolve conflicts before they are perceived to be insurmountable.

Associated to our team are skilled practitioners who can assist when situations necessitate a legal conclusion such as disciplinary hearings, dismissals, retrenchments or non-performance counselling.

If any of these topics are beginning to ring in your head, you need to get some advice.