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Remuneration and Benefits

Companies are always looking for ways to improve the offering they have for staff, particularly the really good employees they wish to keep.

For some companies, there is a need to implement systems that provide fair and accurate information, looking to: internal parity – whether there are variances in pay for staff that do similar work; how the pay structures of the company compare to the external market; and what the company can afford.

In the area of Remuneration we can:

Review your current remuneration structures and offer advice on possible changes or additions

Arrange for Job grading – measurement of relevant job positions within the Company

Arrange for submission of data to, and comparison with, Market surveys

Formulation of review instruments for management for Annual and intermediate reviews from HR payroll data available

Set up Cost to Company remuneration models

Provide amendments to contracts for affected staff based on outcome of reviews

In the area of Benefits we can:

Guide our clients in assessing service providers for implementation of Retirement funds, Medical Aid or medical assistance schemes

Review your current Benefit structures in light of your Company culture, and suggest other benefits, not necessarily of a monetary nature, that can make staff feel acknowledged and appreciated


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